Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomatoes 2500g×6

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All of the flavour of the Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomato, available to use in cuisine all year round.

  • Intense and balanced flavour
  • Particularly sweet
  • Perfect for fish-based recipes


Our tinned Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomatoes encase in their substantial pulp the sweet flavour of this fantastic tomato from Campania.

Preserved in a tin in their precious juice they gift you all of the intensity of our land, thanks to the small amount of water used to cultivate them and the richness of the volcanic terrains.

How to use: match the Valgrì tinned Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomatoes with fish-based pasta dishes. They are optimum also to create refined pasta sauces.

How to store: Store in a cool and dry place. Once open transfer the product into a non-metal container, store in the refrigerator and use within 2-3 days.

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