The San Marzano tomato is a … different tomato

The peeled San Marzano DOP Tomato from Agro Sarnese-Nocerino is a tomato from Campania with a particularly elongated shape, with a compact and meaty pulp. But there is more. Its water content is lower in respect to other tomatoes which gives it a dense and concentrated flavour.

Perfect to preserve

The San Marzano DOP Tomato from Agro Sarnese-Nocerino is known and appreciated all over the world for its characteristics that are exalted by the transformation into “peeled”. This tomato can guarantee a high quality and supreme flavour, being the only one that does not fall apart during the production cycle and stays intact in the container.

Our peeled

A meaty and resistant pulp can indicate only one thing: perfect preserves. The San Marzano, optimum also fresh, is in fact very recommended for the preparation of preserves, above all peeled. This is also because once lightly worked all of its organoleptic properties, from the consistency to the vapour, stay intact.