We take delivering the genuine flavour of the fruits of our land to the table so seriously that we follow every single step of the productive process, from the sowing, selecting only the best raw materials, to the transformation and selling of the final product. Only in this way are we able to offer you the true flavour of excellence.


Our products are followed throughout every production phase. From sowing to cultivation, we monitor that everything adheres to our qualitative standards. As soon as it is harvested, the product promptly passes to the transformation phase: our production, whilst adopting the most modern technologies, respects the traditional systems handed down through time. Quality checks take place at every phase of the production process to guarantee the genuineness and the traceability of the product.


The dedication, the passion and the love for genuineness push us to follow and to apply rigid and severe qualitative standards that allow us to always assure the high quality of our product, testified by the various certifications we hold. Furthermore, the desire for transparency towards the final consumer has led us to join the Campania Sicura program, an initiative that through laboratory tests certifies the high quality and salubrity of the products from our lands.