It all begins from the seed

Our company takes delivering the authentic taste of the raw materials from our region very seriously.
It is for this reason that for our preserved tomato and cherry tomato we follow every single phase of the productive process, from sowing to selling. Only in this way can we guarantee the most complete excellence and high quality.

We select only the best

As we have said, our family follows every phase of the productive process.
We start with the selection of the tomato seeds, those most suited to cultivation on the slopes of Vesuvius and which guarantee us an incredible product in terms of flavour and aroma.
The seeds then become fruit.
And it is here that the transformation begins.
To offer you the best high quality and the most rigid checks we obviously use modern technology, but we have not forgotten the traditional secrets and working methods.

Most unique and rare preserves

How are our preserves created?
The precious tomatoes arrive at the company in protected cases, ready to begin their voyage.
Once washed the dedicated machines select only the best ones, which are then checked once more one by one (as we have said, we want to guarantee you the best) by our staff.
We only continue onto the processing and conserving when we are sure that we have the best tomatoes possible.