Our Specialities

Other than the tomatoes and legumes, we have also created a line of specialities for you, ingredients and preparations that will help you a lot in the kitchen. For example, our steamed new potatoes ready to be transformed into a unique side dish or our cooked wheat for Neapolitan pastiera, one of the principle ingredients of this timeless dessert.

From sweet…

Among our specialities you will also find some sweetness, perfect to enrich cakes and desserts. For example, the peaches in syrup, very good as they are or optimum in your sweets, or our cooked wheat for pastiera, ready for the most typical dessert from our region.

… to savoury

Do you want to experiment in the kitchen with our specialities? Then try our roasted peppers, ready for your antipasti; the champignon mushrooms, sliced and ideal for your pasta dishes; and the steamed new potatoes, perfect to be cooked in the oven.