We keep a trace of everything

Today traceability of the raw materials and the processing of them is more essential than ever. It is for this reason that we monitor every single phase of production, from the selection of the seed to the packaging of the product. Only in this way are we able to guarantee and to assure you products with both an exceptional flavour and aroma, but that are also 100% safe.

A complete guarantee

Since the birth of our company guaranteeing you a good and safe product has been our greatest objective. It is only with specific checks since the birth of the raw materials that we can affirm that our products are completely safe, certified and created with simple but exceptional ingredients.

The Qr Code Campania Sicura

Another test of our dedication to high quality and to safety is the Qr Code Campania Sicura, a qr code present on the label of our selected products that, once scanned, gives you important protection information. In this way you can verify the traceability of the product, the exams carried out and the latest analysis, so as to confirm the complete salubrity of our creations.