The best of Valgrì

“The Excellences’ is the line of products that best expresses our company and our territory. Knowing that the lands of Vesuvius give the raw ingredients cultivated here an incredible flavour and unique properties, we have decided to preserve these small treasures in a natural way, such as to bring the best authenticity to your table.


It is surely the tomatoes, that enclose a sweet, intense and fresh flavour within their pulp, that best express the richness of the territory. We produce three excellences: the Vesuvio Piennolo DOP cherry tomatoes, sweet and intense; the yellow cherry tomatoes from Campania, vivacious and creamy; and the San Marzano DOP tomato, delicate and tenacious.


Among our specialities you will also find Friarelli, a much-used vegetable in Campania. Due to the very particular and characteristic flavour, the so-called “Neapolitan broccoli” are perfect to accompany meat or to embellish pizza.