An extremely rich land

The land of Vesuvius is famous in all of the world for the incredible richness of nutritional substances. This is all merit to the lava soil that gives the area incredible fertility. It is here that our cherry tomatoes are grown which, absorbing from the earth the mineral salts and the sugars of which it is rich, transform into true fruits, intense and with a unique flavour.

The sun and the Southern breeze

It is not only the earth here that gives our tomatoes that intensity and flavour that distinguish them. The sun and the wind also play their part. The warm climate of the South makes our tomatoes even more sweet and intense, ready to be transformed into exceptional preserves, while the sea breeze that blows on the slopes guarantees a perfect and homogeneous maturation.

The legend of the Vesuvio Piennolo cherry tomatoes

Legends also talk clearly about the richness of Vesuvius. An ancient story narrates that the roots of the Piennolo cherry tomatoes are nurtured by small drops of lava from Vesuvius giving life to that vivid red colour that distinguishes them, and that intense and surprising flavour that makes them so well appreciated in cuisine.