Not just tomatoes

For years we have been specialists in the tomato from Campania, but to offer you a complete and versatile flavour serves more. For this reason, we decided to extend our horizons and widen our speciality, gifting you a varied and complete product range, capable of satisfying all of your greatest culinary needs.

Our line of legumes

One of our great new specialities are without a doubt the legumes, a much-used ingredient in every-day cuisine and raw ingredients rich in nutrients. Available both in a tin as well as in a jar, the legumes that we select are the best quality, traced and worked on the least possible, to bring the genuine taste of nature to your table.

And our Speciality

Other than tomatoes and legumes, we have also created a line of specialities for you, ingredients and preparations that will help you a lot in the kitchen. For example, our steamed new potatoes ready to be transformed into a unique side dish or our cooked wheat for Neapolitan pastiera, one of the principle ingredients of this timeless dessert.