Valgrì also owes its success to a clear and transparent communication with the consumers. In this field certifications are a key to demonstrate the commitment of the company to offer high-quality products continually subjected to rigorous checks on the entire productive process.

HACCP: shows, officially, the respect in compliance with the provisions of the laws on food hygiene, both national and European.

ISO 9001: is the internationally recognized reference standard for the quality management of an organization. Its purpose is the continuous improvement of business performance, allowing the certified company to ensure its customers the upkeep and improvement over time of the high quality of their goods and services.

BRC/IFS: are international schemes promoted with the aim of harmonizing, in the face of common principles, the different standards adopted by the European Large-scale Retail trade. The BRC – British Retailer Consortium – standard was created in England, where it is now institutionalized; the IFS – International Food Standard – is an equivalent instrument issued by the most important names of the German, French and Italian Large-scale Retail Trade. Both standards provide for certification audits by Third Party Bodies.

KOSHER: Kosher is the set of religious rules that dominate the nutrition of the observant Jewish people. Having a product with Kosher certification signifies offering food suitable for consumption and compliant with Kosher food standards. Valgrì Products with Kosher certification: Thick Tomato Puree 690 g; Rustic Tomato Puree 690 g; Tomato Pulp 400 g; Trio Tomato Pulp 400 g x 3; Tomato Pulp 2500 g; Tomato Pulp for pizza 4000 g; Cherry Tomatoes 400 g; Trio of Cherry Tomatoes 400 g x 3; Cherry Tomatoes 2500 g; Peeled Tomatoes 400 g; Peeled Tomatoes 2500 g; Tomato for Pizza 5000 g x 2

DOP: DOP (Denomination of Controlled Origin) products are those agricultural food products whose main characteristic derives from the geographical area of production and from the unique processing and production processes that are carried out in that particular territory according to tradition. This determines a unique and inimitable product in flavour, taste and colour for each production area. Valgrì DOP Products: Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomatoes; San Marzano DOP Tomatoes.

BIO CCPB: Organic farming is a sustainable agricultural production method that enhances the natural fertility of the soil ecosystem, the wholesomeness of the products and strengthens sustainability without using synthetic products (e.g. plant protection products and chemical fertilizers). CCPB is a certification and control body for agri-food and “no food” products obtained in the sector of organic, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable production.

REX NUMBER: The REX system simplifies the export formalities by allowing the registered exporter to independently certify the preferential origin of the goods (the so-called declaration of origin) on the invoice or in another commercial document that identifies the exported products. Therefore, the registered exporter does not need to submit an application for each export for the issue of a certificate of origin.

FSPCA CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING: this certification attests the participation in a course held by the FSPCA (Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance), its purpose is to support safe food production by developing training and awareness programs to assist companies that produce food with regards to preventive control regulations that will be part of the law on the modernization of food safety (FSMA).

FDA CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION: FDA registration is required for all companies that produce, process, package or store food, beverages or food supplements for consumption in the United States.