The Piennolo Cherry Tomato is the true soul of Vesuvius

The Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomato encases the incredible richness of the lands of Vesuvius within its sweet and compact pulp.
Cultivated uniquely on the high slopes of the oasis of the Vesuvio National Park, this cherry tomato has a particular elongated oval shape, distinguished by a small pointed apex at the end.
Also its flavour is articular and unique: sweet, veracious, intense and vivacious.

Why “Piennolo”?

Traditionally the Piennolo Cherry Tomato is harvested on the vine and hung in the open air in fresh and ventilated places (Piennolo = Pendulum), thus ensuring the optimal conservation of the precious harvest until the end of the winter.

The most long-lived freshness

That which makes the Vesuvio Piennolo DOP Cherry Tomato special is the particularly thick skin that allows them to be conserved for a long time: With the passing of the months the skin of the tomato “ages”, while the pulp inside stays perfectly fresh, sweet and authentic, allowing you to savour it in all of its veracity even months after its cultivation.