Our tomato

The fresh and “raw” flavour of the tomato, the elevated density of the puree, the flavour, the colour and the unique flavour are the principle characteristics of Valgrì’s preserved tomato. The tomato is transformed into a wide range of products each of which exalts some distinctive characteristic of our tomato.

Our line of legumes

Always attentive to the authenticity of the products and with the objective of offering a varied diet to our consumers, Valgrì has extended its range inserting also legumes, a much-used ingredient in every day cuisine and a raw ingredient rich in nutrients. Available tinned and jarred, the legumes that we select are the best quality, as such to bring the genuine flavour of nature to your table.

And our Specialities

Other than tomatoes and legumes, we have also created a line of specialities, practical and quick to use in cuisine. An example are our steamed new potatoes or our roasted peppers ready to be transformed into a unique side dish for your recipes.