The Yellow Cherry Tomato from Campania really is like the sun

The Yellow Cherry Tomato from Campania is ideal for those who look for new colours in cuisine and contrasting flavours. A flavour testified by our production methods: each tomato is cultivated completely by us, from seed to fruit, something which allows us to obtain products with a veracious and authentic flavour.

Balanced contrasts

That which makes the Yellow Cherry Tomato from Campania unique is its flavour, made of balanced contrasts.
The typical sweet flavour of cherry tomatoes is in fact accompanied by a slight hint of seasoning, that creates a perfect equilibrium, smooth and delicate.
But that’s not all.
Its fresh and refined aroma, together with a balanced acidity, make it perfect both to be consumed fresh as well as to be used for preserves.

An ally for good health

Few know it, but the Yellow Cherry Tomato from Campania owes its colour to the scarce presence of carotenoids, responsible for the classic red colour and important antioxidants. To make up for this lack, the Yellow cherry tomato has learnt to produce a greater quantity of polyphenols, special antioxidant molecules that are also found in the red tomato, but that the yellow produces in much greater quantities and that laboratory tests have demonstrated to be capable of stopping tumour growth. The Yellow cherry tomato is very sweet and delicate, as much as a strong ally for good health!