Chef line

Since many years Valgrì is very useful for chefs all over Italy: it sells canned tomatoes and legumes in 2,5 kg packs. A line designed to ensure convenience in the kitchen and the quality signed Valgrì. Valgrì is always attentive to the Chefs needs and also designed the pizza Napoli tomatoes , only fresh tomatoes in an aseptic package that can be opened with one pair of scissors and that allows you to take the product directly with the ladle.

Valgrì Vesuvius cherry tomatoes in tin gr 2500

Lentils gr 2500

Tomato peeled S.Marzano DOP gr 2500

Cherry Tomatoes in juice gr 2500

Thick tomato sauce gr 2500

Peeled tomatoes gr 2500

Fresh tomato gr 5000x2

Heart of Pulp gr 2500

Sweetcorn gr 2120

New potatoes gr 2500

Valgrì Champignon Mushrooms gr 2500

Cannellini beans gr 2500

Chickpeas gr 2500

Valgrì “Bianchi di Spagna” beans gr 2500

Valgrì “borlotti” beans gr 2500

Tutto Chef Line