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The Vesuvius Piennolo tomato PDO is a Neapolitan tradition product, produced by Valgrì that , in the Vesuvius National Park oasis cultivates it, and cares about the whole chain from seed to fruit obtaining a small fruit dimensions, which enhance the flavor, with high consistency peel and an high concentration of sugars and minerals.
In addition to the fresh product, Valgrì offers this top quality product also canned in glass jars and tin, the new entry.
The Valgrì San Marzano tomatoes PDO owe their unmistakable goodness to the undoubted benefits of the climate, which is affected by the sea favorable influence and to the soil cultivation volcanic nature. In the San Marzano tomatoes there all fresh tomato peculiarities, and they are known and appreciated throughout the world.





Valgri Vesuvius cherry tomatoes fresh gr 1500

Valgrì Yellow cherry tomatoes gr 400

Valgrì Vesuvius cherry tomatoes fresh gr 250

Valgrì Vesuvius cherry tomatoes POD in glass gr 580

Valgrì Campania cherry tomatoes sauce gr 580

Valgrì Vesuvius cherry tomatoes in tin gr 400

Tomatoes peeled San Marzano DOP Valgrì gr 400

Valgrì Fresh Yellow cherry tomatoes gr 250

Valgri Vesuvius Piennolo Cherry Tomatoes DOP in gr 970

Yellow cherry tomatoes in Pacchetelle gr 970

Campania cherry tomatoes in "pacchetelle" gr 580

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