Valgrì today boasts a wide range of products; from canned tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and legumes up to the typical Campania’s products.
The quality of the Valgrì product is guaranteed primarily by careful choice of raw materials and also quality controls made on the whole production process.
Our story originated from the Coppola family passion for the land and its fruits that has been handed down for four generations.
It all originated from the cultivation of few land, treated with care and dedication, that produced tasty and natural products. Thanks to an high business sense, over the years the Coppola family begun to deal with its production marketing.
The products of Coppola family established themselves in a short time on the market and in 1992 they have a strong push caused by the birth of the well-known brand Valgrì, synonymous with quality and authenticity.
Valgrì today, on his lands of Vesuvius slopes, looks after the entire production of some products and also the goods sewing, harvesting and marketing .
Valgrì is a company with an ambitious aim : to select and present on the market only high quality goods. Valgrì , reconciling innovation and quality ,offers on Italian tables genuine and typical products that can decorate any dish.

History Valgri